SUBJECT: BPM Update: quick announcement and some help…

Hey Tony here,

I’ll be sending you more emails in just a bit. But first I wanted to reach out and help you…

I’m really close to wrapping up my long-awaited online fat loss program. But before I do, I want to help you personally, 1-on-1 via email.

So, have you got a burning question on your mind?

Maybe you’re struggling finding the time to work out, eat healthy on the go, managing cravings or falling off the wagon over and over…


Just reply to this email, ask your question and I, Tony, will personally shoot you a helpful reply to get you unstuck within 24 hours.

Yes, I’m 100% serious. Click the reply button to this email and I will personally help you out of your rut.

Can’t wait to chat with you, Tony.

PS: More news – Tomorrow I’ll be sending you the start of a 100% free 3-day mini- course called: “Women’s Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”. So keep an eye on your inbox for that.

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DAY 1:

SUBJECT: [Free Mini-Course – DAY 1] “Women’s Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.


Do you want to lose 3 pounds FAST with just a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle?

I really hope you do because over the next 3 days I’m going to be sharing with you some truly life-changing tips that I’ve only revealed with my high-dollar private clients at BPM Fitness.

Plus a few embarrassing confessions here and there.

Two of these are hacks I used to lose my first 7 pounds and the others I collected, tested and refined over the last 3 years with my clients.

They were hand-picked because they are super easy to implement, take very little time, energy or money, and will fit into your busy schedule, even if you’re an executive with a crushing workload and many obligations.

Which is why I still teach them to private clients to this day.

So welcome to day 1 of my brand-new, free mini-course called Women’s Fat Loss

Hacks That Actually Work.

So first I’d like to start with one of the biggest misconceptions I see people being strangled by in their pursuit of a hot body and vibrant energy.

Not a single week goes by where someone doesn’t mention this to me:

“Oh Tony, I’d love to get lean like you, but I just don’t have the time or energy to get up for 6am workouts, prepare kale shakes, do juice cleanses and 100 sit-ups every day.”

My response? ME NEITHER!!!

Who has the time to be a health freak nazi like that? Not me, and I’m sure you don’t either. Being healthy is supposed to make our lives better, not be our entire lives.

But this is a very common mindset and it holds many of us back from living our ideal lives. It was definitely one of my big mental obstacles for years in the restaurant business.

So, the first thing to realize is that all that hardcore fitness stuff is simply not necessary at all. Leave it to the fitness models, personal trainers and triathletes.

Seriously, even if your goal is to lose 70 pounds it’s not necessary!

In fact, I would say the opposite is true. That starting small is actually far better and the latest studies coming from top behavioural psychologists are saying the same thing.


Because going all gung-ho with a radical new program that demands all your attention will only make you crash and burn after the first week. But on the other hand, adding just one little 4-minute workout each day is super easy to stick to, builds your confidence and when you start seeing your waistline shrink and jeans slide on easier, your motivation goes through the roof!

And soon enough this makes you want to do even more, accelerating your weight loss results through sheer stick-to-it-iveness.

See, consistency beats effort Every. Single. Time.

There’s no use having the world’s best weight loss plan if you only follow it for 3 days. Whereas sticking to a mediocre plan like glue for a whole month will always get results.

So, over the next 3 days you will be getting only my best, most simple fat-melting hacks that are easy to implement, don’t take much time and most importantly, actually work in the real world.

You can use these hacks to lose 2 pounds in the next week easily.

Yes, they really are that effective and totally natural – no toxic weight loss pills here! Plus they work even if you’ve tried a million weight loss gimmicks and fads over the years without success.

Ready to get started? Great.

Keep an eye out on your inbox tomorrow for Day 2, where I share my first and maybe most useful fat loss hack of them all.

See you tomorrow☺ Tony.

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DAY 2:

SUBJECT: [Free Mini-Course – DAY 2] “Women’s Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.

Hey Tony again,

Welcome to Day 2 of my free mini-course “Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.

In today’s email I’m going to share with you my all-time favourite hack that is so simple it’s almost stupid. And yet, most people don’t do it.

But when they do finally try it, they kick themselves for not starting it a year earlier.

See, losing weight, or any other goal for that matter, is not about having more willpower or self-discipline.

Nor is it about goal setting or feeling guilty, contrary to what most “health and fitness” magazines and websites will tell you.

Mainstream media will often say things like “You just have to want it badly enough”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, discipline and willpower help, but what’s far more powerful, are systems. Creating tiny little repeatable tweaks that make your life easier instead of a constant battle.

Systems you can rely on when you’re sick, tired or just plain fed up.

Instead of beating yourself up, and telling yourself to try harder and feeling like a failure, respect and love yourself enough to acknowledge that you need some help.

Everyone needs a little helping hand at times.

And a perfect example of a great system is the simple, but not to be underestimated shake. Yes, the humble smoothie.


Well it can be made in less than 3 mins in the morning, so no matter how crazy your mornings are, you can whip it up for a quick healthy breakfast, or, just throw it in your bag and you’re out the door knowing you have a perfectly healthy lunch waiting for you.

Then at 12pm, instead of walking past Starbucks and dreaming about their croissants, you’re already full, the protein has stabilised your blood sugar so your sugar cravings are minimal, your energy is high and your mind is sharp.

Think of it as one less meal to worry about.
Plus it’s cheaper than solid food and saves you the time to prep a full meal.

Now, while I always advocate calm conscious, mindful eating at your own pace, if it’s just one of those mad days (we all have them) you can literally sip this down in 60 seconds at your desk if need be.

It also saves you the money of buying an overpriced sandwich with all kinds of processed, fat-accumulating junk from somewhere near your work (this is actually one of the main reason’s people’s waists slowly grow on them without even realising).

It’s also a cheap, easy source of protein to help boost your metabolism so you naturally burn more fat all day long.

And the best part is, with the recipe I’m going to show you, it’s just enough calories to aid fat loss while the macronutrient ratio (how much carbs, fats and protein is in it) are nicely balanced to fill you up but without the classic “post- lunch coma” most feel around 2/3pm from too many carbs.

Okay, so without further ado, here is my favourite shake in the universe. I call it…

The “Coffee Addict” Protein Shake

Time to make: 3 mins Servings: 1

– 1⁄2 very ripe banana (a few black spots is good for sweetness) 1 scoop of protein powder
– 1⁄2 cup of almond milk
– 1⁄2 cup of brewed coffee (cold or room temperature)
– 11⁄2 cups of ice cubes
– 0-4 drops stevia extract, to taste

And it’s as simple as that. Now, here’s how to make it:

Just toss all the liquid ingredients and the banana into the blender and blend until it starts getting smooth. Stop the blender and then slowly add the ice and blend until frothy and very smooth.

This bad boy is all about coffee for taste and energy, protein to fill you up and increase your metabolism, and no added sugar or junk to mess up your hormones or detoxification.

The caffeine will aid in fat loss and give you a little boost without burnout but be sure to only use high quality coffee.

Also use a large, insulated Kleen Kanteen (it’s BPA-free) or shaker bottle and when you get home just rinse it out and let it dry for tomorrow’s shake.

Staying on track with your weight loss goals is WAY easier when you never have to think about lunch again.

Never underestimate the lowly shake. It’s a great ally in our hectic lives so definitely try this recipe and let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow for Hack #3. Tony.

PS: For more awesome hacks, strategies and secrets I use with my private clients to melt stubborn hip, belly and back fat fast without crazy diets or living in the gym, check out my new program: 10 Pounds Slimmer In 30 Days.

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DAY 3:

SUBJECT: [Free Mini-Course – DAY 3] “Women’s Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.

Hey Tony again,

Welcome to Day 3 of my free mini-course “Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.

I hope you tried out my “Coffee Addict” Protein Shake yesterday. It’s crazy how something so simple can be so useful (and how only 5 ingredients can be so yummy).

But today’s topic is a little less physical in nature. Today’s tip is more about the energy we’re getting (or not getting) from those close to us.

See, everywhere you turn, every book you read and website you visit, all they talk about is the “how to” of weight loss. What protein powder to use, which type of exercise is better and the pros/cons of the latest diet.

And while that’s great (heck, my last email was about a shake), it’s not the only element of our weight loss journey.

I would argue that it’s just as important, or even more so, to acknowledge our deeper selves.

See, too often we’re so wrapped up in our to do list, our goals or what others think of us, that we forget to take a second out of our day to be there for ourselves.

To look inward and investigate our feelings. To ask ourselves:

“How am I today?”

“How do I feel this moment?”

“Is my soul being nourished?”

“Am I getting mostly positive, or mostly negative energy from others?”

“Am I being supported”?

If we’re not getting the “energetic fuel” we need, then all the nutrition fuel we put in our bodies will be for nothing.

And that’s what I want to discuss today.

I know when I was trying to lose weight and become healthier very few people in my life were supportive of me.

I suddenly had friends and family turned their backs on me. The people I loved.

And this was a big shock to my wellbeing. It’s hard enough to lose weight as it is, but without help from those close to us it can be a real battle.

They said things like:

“You spent so much on those clothes, if you lose weight it will be a waste of money” “Don’t go getting skinny on us you hear!”
“But I like your chub”
“You don’t need to be thinner, you’re great as you are”
“Ooh, don’t look at those donuts, you might gain some fat”
“Just don’t become a muscle-y meathead okay”
“How can you keep up this crazy diet?”
“Don’t you miss Cinnabon?”

Seemingly innocent statements, but veiled underneath is something darker. Maybe you’ve already experienced these kinds of statements, or you think you might.

Well this is what I want to confront here for you, so you understand it. Because, handled incorrectly, this can hold you back from your weight loss goals.

The first thing to realise is that these remarks are NOT about you at all. Even if it might not seem like it, they’re 100% about them.

See, deep down your friends and family don’t want you to change. They want you to be happy, sure, but not happier than them. They want you to do well, of course, but not better than they are.

Sound completely selfish and ridiculous? Well it is. But let’s not judge too quickly.

Let’s open our hearts and try our best to understand where they are coming from. Then maybe we can drop the tension of trying to resist it. So here’s the crux of why they feel this way…

They know that they should be working on their health as well.

When they see you make the leap from thinking about it, to actually doing it, they’re reminded that they should be doing the same, but they’re not.

It forces them to confront this fact which causes them to have thoughts like:

“Well if she can do it, why haven’t I been able to?”
“It seems to come so easily to her, but losing weight is really hard for me” “What’s wrong with me?”
Will I ever get my act together?”
Am I always going to be overweight?”
“Am I a loser?”

Challenging, uncomfortable thoughts to confront for anyone. And we all have them from time to time.

And then there’s the public shame.

They worry that friends might ask why they can’t lose weight when you can. Or that you’ll outshine them and make them look bad with friends. Or that you might get more attention from guys than they do.

So what might feel like an attack or barbed comment, is actually a signal that they’re feeling pain.

But don’t feel too guilty about it, because in the same way that their comments have nothing to do with you, you’re not the one causing them pain either. They are causing it for themselves. You are not responsible for their feelings in any way shape or form.

However, we do need show some sensitivity in these situations.

So when these comments come up, just smile and say nothing. Don’t resent them, don’t feel spite, and don’t feel bad for their insecurity. And especially don’t bite back and shove your success in their face or even worse, offer unsolicited weight loss advice.

Any of this will backfire on you.

Just give them a hug, stay on your path, remain humble and lose a ton of weight anyway. Then one day, when they’re ready, they will come to you and ask:

“I’ve been thinking I should start going to the gym, have you got any tips?”

And that will be your time to shine by helping them.

That will be your time to lead by example and help them break out of their shell of fear and insecurity, claiming their ideal life, step by step.

But most of all, stay humble and kick ass.

And talking about kicking ass, I’ve developed an online course designed with this exact goal in mind.


10 Pounds Slimmer In 30 Days

This is the first women’s weight loss program that combines nourishing your body and your soul.

This unique mix of cutting-edge exercise, nutrition and mindfulness gets to the root of what’s holding you back, rebuilding you from the inside out.

Check out my course here for more info.

Chat again tomorrow. – **********.

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Day 4:

SUBJECT: [Free Mini-Course – DAY 4] “Women’s Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.

Hey, Tony again,

Welcome to the 4th and final day of my free mini-course “Women’s Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work”.

Today, we’re getting sweaty with the single most effective and convenient exercise of all time!

But first, notice how I spoke about mindset (how consistency beats effort) in the first email in this mini-course. Then I got into nutrition (my coffee shake), followed by support (how to handle resistance from friends and family) and only now am I bringing up exercise.

I did this, because there is so much more to losing weight than just knowing which exercises to do. Which is exactly why I created my online program: 10 Pounds Slimmer In 30 Days.

Inside I combine the mind, body and nutrition for the most effective, efficient way to lose fat fast – so you can fit into those sexy skinny jeans again asap.

But, working out is still a critical element of the puzzle.

So today I want to share an exercise that takes only 4 minutes (that’s not a typo) and burns 35 calories on average. But the best part is that it burns an extra 200 calories throughout the day due to EPOC, or the “afterburn effect”.

That’s 235 calories for just 4 minutes of work which is why I call it the “No Excuses” Workout.

See, we all have busy lives and it can definitely get tough to fit in a workout at times.

So what I’ve done, is combine the two highest calorie-burning exercises in existence together, creating a super-workout.

The first is the Tabata. You may have heard about it.

This exercise was discovered in Japan and it burns 5X more calories than regular cardio for the same time spent.

A Tabata is twenty seconds of maximum effort, followed by ten seconds of rest, repeated eight times without breaks for a total of 4 minutes.

Now, the other exercise is the sprint, which is awesome because it also burns a staggering amount of calories per minute.

But when we combine them, we get a potent form of “hyper cardio” called Tabata Sprints.

We do these Tabata Sprints by running as fast as we can for the full 20 seconds. You can do this on a street, on a running track, on grass at the park or anywhere else that’s flat.

You can even do them at the gym on a treadmill. Here’s how… Start the treadmill on slow and walk for a few minutes.

Then up the speed to 7 – 10 mph with the incline on 10% while standing on the sides of the belt. Then when it’s reached this speed, jump on while still holding the handrails and sprint for 20 seconds before resting for 10.

Repeat a few times and if it’s too easy, increase the speed a little. Keep doing this until it’s a challenge but not dangerous.

Then once you’ve found your ideal speed, repeat the Tabata Sprint progression 8 times. When you do it right your legs will feel like rubber afterwards.

It might take you a few sessions to find your ideal speed for 8 whole Sprint Tabatas.

When I discovered this I realised why I wasn’t losing fat even though I was spending hours on the treadmill each week. To burn 800 calories on those you need to spend 2 hours, while just 4 minutes of Tabata Sprints burns 235 calories.

If you do the math, this is WAY better!

The truth is, exercising for the sake of it is just not effective. But when we get smart about it, we can get disproportional results in far less time.

Which is why I’m so excited about my online smart fat loss program for women called…

10 Pounds Slimmer In 30 Days

In this ground-breaking online course you will learn…

How to realistically lose 10 pounds in 30 days without being a gym addict or starving your self.

How to drop dress sizes, fit into those sexy skinny jeans again without pills or fad diets.

Strategies and systems to keep the weight off, without depriving yourself or relying on willpower.

Becoming a hot mom with plenty energy to go out or play with your kids. …and much more.

So click the link below and I will show you the secrets behind working out smart, not hard while still melting that stubborn belly fat, slimming down and feeling sexy again.

You can find out all about it here: 10 Pounds Slimmer In 30 Days

PS: On that page I share how I finally dropped 23 pounds after failing countless times before, PLUS why doing what everyone else does in the gym is downright guaranteed to make you look like a frumpy mom. Click here to find out.