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********** here, founder of ************.com. And as promised, here’s your free video:

VIDEO: 5 Tricks That Fight Knee Pain and Tightness

I’m sorry to hear that your knees are sore, achy and making your life miserable, but I’ve got some great news to cheer you up…

1. Firstly, my free “5 Tricks” video is about to make your life a lot more comfortable, right away.

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Okay, so you might be thinking:

“What the heck is patellofemoral pain syndrome and how do I know if I have it?”

Well, first off it’s one of the most commonly diagnosed injuries in sports medicine. It’s also the single most common cause of knee pain accounting for up to 75% of all knee problems, which is pretty staggering.

So chances are very high that patellofemoral pain syndrome is the root cause of your knee pain.

Here are it’s main symptoms:

–  Pain and stiffness in front and around the kneecap.
–  Difficulty climbing stairs, kneeling down or moving around.
–  Knee weakness or unexpected buckling.
–  Popping or grinding when moving.

But strangely, PFPS is not a knee problem at all.

See, there are 2 big thigh muscles attached to the patella (or knee cap) via tendons. And if one of these muscles exerts more force than the other, then the kneecap gets pulled to the left or right.

And this friction is what eventually causes that familiar stabbing pain, aching and tightness.

So the good news is that once we fix the muscle imbalance, your soreness will subside and life will return back to normal.

In tomorrow’s email I will demonstrate a neat little trick to fix this muscle imbalance and keep your patella from shifting.

I’ll also be sharing why conventional treatments don’t work for PFPS (and what to do instead).

So keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email.

See you then, **********, MS

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SUBJECT: This “odd tip” will relieve your knee pain fast


It’s ********** again,

Yesterday you requested my 5 Tricks That Fight Knee Pain And Tightness video, so I just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to watch it yet.

In today’s email I’m going to share with you an odd little tip that helps ease knee soreness fast.

I’ll also explain why most of the expert advice about “fixing your knee” is not only wrong, but often causes more damage over time.

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Okay, so why are conventional knee pain tips so bad? Well most of the advice sounds something like this…

1. Rest.
2. Take painkillers.
3. Ice the area.
4. Take anti-inflammatories.
5. Do months of physical therapy.
6. Don’t play sports, be active or have fun.
7.Get expensive, unnecessary surgery.

Sure, chances are you’ll get some short-term relief from these approaches. But pretty soon they’ll make your knee weaker, prone to injury and more painful.

And the reason, like I explained yesterday, is because the knee isn’t the problem here at all. The problem is that a muscle imbalance in the thigh is pulling your knee cap to one side.

See, I stand for one thing and one thing only…results.

And there are just too many “armchair experts” out there who’ve read a lot, but don’t have enough real-world experience helping people with their injuries.

I should know since my techniques are used by thousands of health & fitness professionals around the world.

I’ve been blessed to have lectured all over the US, written for big publications and worked with top sports stars for the last 22 years.

Never mind the millions of readers I’ve helped through my articles, videos and products.

My passion is helping people overcome injury so they can go back to a happy, pain-free life.

So, to help your knees heal the RIGHT way, I’ve prepared a blog post with the single most effective patellofemoral pain syndrome exercise ever:

And that outdated advice I mentioned just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Here it is: ***************

Watch that video, do the exercise 2 – 4 times per day for a week and you’ll notice the pain subsiding within a few days.

Look, you have to understand that pain isn’t a bad thing. It’s a sign that something in your body is going wrong and needs your attention.

It’s like a warning alarm to prevent serious problems down the line. So respect the pain and don’t try to push through it.

But don’t rest all the time either since the muscles around the knee will get weaker.

Rather fix the root cause (the muscle imbalance) so the pain will quickly disappear for good.

I hope that makes sense.

Tomorrow’s email is about 3 surprisingly common mistakes that drastically slow down the healing process.

Seriously, if you’re making these 3 deadly mistakes, healing your knees will take far longer than necessary.

So be sure to keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email.

Take care, friend, ************, MS

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SUBJECT: You’ll have sore knees forever if you’re making these 3 mistakes


************ here,

Quick note: If you’re in a hurry to heal your knees for good I recommend checking out this program right here.

It’s on 94% discount (not a typo) for the next 2 days only. So check it out now before it returns to the normal price.

Okay, I’m about to lay out the 3 deadly knee pain mistakes, but first, let me share a quick story about how I stumbled onto the solution for patellofemoral pain syndrome…

See, back in my younger days, I was an avid runner.

And one day, just as I was finishing up a good, hard run, I felt something wrong with my knee.

Being somewhat naïve, I figured it wasn’t too serious and just ignored it.

But a few days later I felt the dull ache come back, only this time it was deeper and sharper.

So I reluctantly went to a physical therapist and learned that I had patellofemoral pain syndrome.

I also discovered that the most common treatment for it was surgery. This knocked the air out of me, as surgery was just NOT an option.

I was convinced there had to be a less drastic solution.

So after weeks of seeking out the best experts, reading studies and testing things on myself, I finally discovered some simple, targeted exercises and strategies that work specifically for patellofemoral pain syndrome.

And boy did improvement come FAST!

Literally the next day I could run with zero pain afterwards. And to this day my knees are still rock-solid and pain-free.

And that’s the best part…

These targeted exercises work permanently, unlike anti- inflammatories, physiotherapy, rest, wrapping or surgery.

But strangely, few people know this stuff.

So I became driven to spread the word about solving patellofemoral pain syndrome the right way and to help people suffering with it all over the world.

So, to help you overcome those nasty jolts of stabbing pain, aching or tightness, I want to give you 3 “gold nugget” tips to start your healing process.

These are all about taking as much pressure off your knees in day-to- day life as possible.

While they might seem basic, they are absolutely crucial. If you don’t get them right, your healing will take 2X – 8X longer than necessary.

So pay very close attention if you want to overcome your pain sooner than later…

Deadly Knee Mistake #1:

Do not stand with your weight on just one leg. This puts far too much pressure on your already vulnerable knees. Rather stand with your feet hips-width apart and your weight on both legs evenly. Try it right now and you’ll notice a big difference.

Deadly Knee Mistake #2:

Never lock your knees back while standing! This is a common mistake among too many people and it’s usually an unconscious habit. Rather keep your legs dead straight with your thighs engaged. It might feel weird at first, but it will quickly become natural with practice.

Deadly Knee Mistake #3:

And lastly, don’t spend extended periods of time on your knees. Whether you’re kneeling to scrub the floor or to tend flowers, try avoid it completely and get some help instead. This is a biggie!

So I hope at least one of those tips struck a chord with you.

Try them out and you will be shocked at how something so simple can speed up your knee’s healing.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, my free video 5 Tricks That Fight Knee Pain And Tightness has more great tips to soothe your poor knees.

To your vibrant health,

************, MS

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It’s no fun living in a cautious joy, dreading the next jolt of stabbing agony that’s waiting to strike.

This is your chance to prevent permanent damage in the future and get back to living a full life without limits.

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So, this is pretty much your last chance to get Patellofemoral Syndrome Solution at this heavily discounted price:

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For the last few days I’ve been encouraging you to get in while you can, but now the time is up. After today, you won’t hear me talking about it any longer.

Don’t make the same life-altering mistake I’ve seen so many clients succumb to…

See, when people get news that they have a knee issue they often blow it off.

Then a few months go by and it gets worse. Their PT warns them that they really need surgery to get it fixed.

But they ignore it again, thinking they can push through the pain or it will heal on it’s own.

But finally, one day they’re ushered into a cold, harshly lit room for some news they weren’t ever expecting to hear…

“Sir, you’ve developed chronic patellar tendonosis and you only have 2 options for treatments. The first is immediate surgery, and the other is 6 months to 1 year of rest.”

Trust me, you NEVER want to hear the word tendonosis.

Tendonosis is an advanced form of tendonitis where short-term inflammation becomes long-term tissue degeneration.

Where the ligaments themselves actually wear down or break. It’s excruciatingly painful and VERY hard to heal.

Look, I understand…

You want to keep playing sports, working out and being active. But if you’re doing it at the expense of your body, then you might end up never being able to move freely again without pain.

And that’s NOT a risk worth taking.

It’s your responsibility to maintain the only earthly vehicle you have – your body.

Which is why I’ve dropped the price of my Patellofemoral Syndrome Solution program by 94%.

As of today it’s literally only $5. But tomorrow you’d have to pay the regular price of $37. So for less than the price of a large Starbucks, you can finally…

– Stand up without aching, sore knees.
– Play sports and work out again.
– Quit those expensive physical therapy sessions.
– Enjoy your normal life without pain.
– Just consider for a second what your knees are really worth to you. How important they are for your quality of life.

Remember how fun and effortless things were before your knees started holding you back? Well I want you to feel like that again in just a few weeks from today.

They say we only appreciate things when they’re gone – which is true. But I appreciated my knees far more when I got them back.

Don’t risk developing Tendonosis and permanent knee damage.

Check out the Patellofemoral Syndrome Solution by clicking here right now. It’s only $5 so if you don’t jump on it now, you won’t see it at this 94% discount ever again.

This offer ends tomorrow.

Live without regrets my friend,

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